Strong, hardworking woman cutting or sanding piece of custom moulding
American, white-bearded, weathered man who works hard at the Ferche mill


• Standard Machining for Hardware
(strikes, hinges, etc.)
• Custom Machining for Hardware
(concealed hardware, etc.)
• Other Preps (silencers, light switches, etc.)
• Priming
• Pre-Finishing (Stain, top coat, etc.)
• Packaging / Kitting / Labeling
• Applying Stop
• Coping Stop
• Mitering Jambs
• Mitering Casing
• Pre-Assembling Frames
• Pre-Assembling Casing
• Pre-Applying Casing to Frames
• Prep for Export

Ferche Millwork was founded in Rice, Minnesota in 1958. Over 6 decades later, we've become North America's leader in hardwood mouldings and veneered millwork—and not by accident.

With innovation, passion and dedication, we've grown to be the nation's go-to manufacturer when quality and reliability are essential to the bottom line and the ultimate outcome of a project. With a focus on good old fashioned American craftsmanship and with a desire to meet the high standards of craftsmen and craftswomen in the field, we manufacture top quality goods to bring the beauty of hardwoods into homes and buildings throughout the world.

Our vast capabilities make no project out of reach, whether large volume or custom one-off, we can do it. We make over 13,000 products each year, so no job is too big or too small.

We also do all the work you need for the products to arrive ready to go - priming/painting/staining, machining, packaging, assembly and more.

We have pioneered the category of fire-rate wood door frames and are the industry's leader serving distributors all over the world. And, for decades, the world's foremost door manufacturers have relied on Ferche to make their fire-rated wood door frames. If you're looking for a name to trust, Ferche is the only name you need to know.

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